Have you had the chance yet to catch the latest wave of the online poker boom? If you happen to live in the United States, your options are limited, but never fear: Ignition Poker is here. Not only are we the No. 1 site for US players, we’re also one of the first sites anywhere to accept Bitcoin (as well as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV) for making transactions. Switching over to BTC poker is easy like Sunday morning, as this quick Bitcoin guide will show you.


How to Deposit with Bitcoin to Play Poker

Whether you download our Ignition Poker app to your desktop, or log in instantly using your mobile device, you’ll get the same online poker experience at our industry-leading cashier window. Just select your deposit method from the drop-down menu; once your transaction clears, which will take much less time that it does with standard currencies, we’ll instantly convert your crypto to US dollars and put those funds in your account.

We have lots more information elsewhere in our guide for how to deposit with Crypto, but the key thing to remember for now is the two things you’ll need in your arsenal: a cryptocurrency wallet, and an account at a Bitcoin exchange. These essential tools are easy to set up, and will allow you to move funds from your bank account to your Ignition Poker account – without the bank cutting you off, or any credit card companies charging you fees.


How to Withdraw with Bitcoin (Fast)

Taking money out of your Ignition Poker account is just as easy as putting it in. You’ll use the same tools to make your transaction, but this time, the money will travel from your Ignition account to your Bitcoin exchange account – and then into your bank account if you so choose. When you make a Bitcoin withdrawal, we’ll convert the desired amount of US funds in your account back to crypto, so you can use your digital wallet to make the transaction. All of this happens much more quickly than it does when you withdraw using a wire transfer or couriered check.

Perhaps you’ve read all this and you’re still wondering, “What is Bitcoin, anyway?” There’s always more to learn about cryptocurrency. Our Bitcoin guide has you covered, and of course, you should read all the details in our FAQ and Help guide. But there’s no question that Bitcoin poker is the best way to play – and nobody does it better than Ignition Poker.