There’s nothing quite like the feeling of playing online poker – it’s the greatest game ever invented, whether you’re playing live at a casino, a home game, or right here at Ignition Poker. Having said that, real money online poker has so much to offer, compared to bricks-and-mortar establishments. Here are 10 very good reasons you should play online poker for real money at Ignition Casino.

1. You Can Play On Your Mobile 

Why go somewhere to play poker when you can just bring the table with you? As long as you have the internet, you can play online poker on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; you don’t even have to download any software to play online poker on your iPhone – just visit the poker mobile page, log in, and our industry-leading web app will take you straight to the lobby, where you can see all the games waiting for you to play.


2. You Can Play More Poker Hands

At a typical live game, you might see 30 hands per hour, depending on how good the dealer is and how slow the players are. Not so at Ignition: You can expect to see three times as many hands per hour when you play online poker – and that’s at a single table. You can play up to four cash tables or 15 poker tournament tables at the same time when you play at Ignition. And don’t forget about Zone Poker, where as soon as you fold, you’ll get dealt a new hand at a new table.


3.  You Can Multi Table 

We can’t stress enough the value of being able to play more than one table at the same time, which is highly impractical in a live setting. Volume is key when you play Texas Hold’em for real money and you’re serious about building your bankroll. Start with one table until you get the hang of it and you become a winning player. As you get comfortable, add a second table, then get used to that experience before you continue adding more. Many top pros prefer to play the maximum two tables of Zone Poker alongside two standard cash tables, allowing them to get in the most hands per hour possible.


4. You Don't Have to Wait to Play 

Time spent sitting around a casino waiting for an open seat is time you could have spent playing poker online. It can literally take hours before you get to play, especially if you’re not inclined to tip the floor staff and jump the line. At Ignition, you’ll be put into any game with an available seat; if you don’t see a table you like, you can start your own, or you can play Zone Poker or a Sit and Go – including the Jackpot Sit and Go, where you’ll instantly be playing against two other opponents for a random prize up to 1,500X the buy-in. You can even use the Quick Seat feature to lock down your place at the table in just two clicks.


5. You Play Poker When You Want

There is always a poker game happening at Ignition, 24/7, every day of the year. Very few casinos or cardrooms in the world can say the same. You can start playing anytime you like, and you can leave and come back as often as you please. Being able to set your schedule as you see fit is incredibly important if you want to build a poker bankroll. Plus, no shirt and no shoes is no problem when you play online at Ignition. You don’t have to spend any time or money worrying about dress codes, or buying something to eat when you get hungry at the table.


6. You don't have to Travel

Here’s another time-saver that will make sure your poker time is spent actually playing poker. Unless you live at the casino, it takes time for you to get there – and that’s if you have a casino in your area. Then you have to worry about parking, which used to be free at pretty much every live venue, but is increasingly turning into yet another travel expense. At Ignition, you can avoid these problems entirely when you play poker on mobile devices, or at home on your desktop.


7. You Get Better Poker Bonuses and Promotions

Comps are hard to get at the casino if you’re a dedicated poker player. The poker and casino promotions at Ignition Casino are much more generous – especially for new players, who can earn up to $2,000 in free cash with our 200% Poker and Casino Welcome Bonus. Don’t forget about the Royal Flush Bonus and the Bad Beat Bonus; you can also earn Poker Points as part of the ongoing rewards program at Ignition. The more poker you play, the more Points and rewards you’ll earn. Check out our Casino Promotions page for more information on all the extra goodies you can scoop up.


8. More Than Just Texas Hold’em

Only the busiest casinos will spread games other than real money Texas Hold’em. Even then, the only other game you’ll get to play at most live establishments is Omaha. At Ignition Poker, you can play Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, with the blinds starting as low as 2 cents/5 cents. The lowest stakes you’ll find at just about every live venue are $1/$2. You can also play Fixed Limit, Pot-Limit or No-Limit poker at Ignition. If you’re looking for a more “chill” poker experience, try Limit games, which will reduce your variance and help keep your bankroll healthy while you’re learning how to play online poker for real money.


9. You Benefit From Online Poker “Cheat Sheets”

They don’t mind it at the live casino if you use a chart to help you make decisions when you play Blackjack, but see what happens if you try the same thing at the poker tables. When you play poker online at Ignition, you can use whatever charts you like, without having to worry about house rules or standard poker etiquette. This is especially important for newer players. Getting used to starting hand ranges and Nash “push-fold” ranges is a lot easier when you have some charts nearby – it’s like having a set of training wheels to help keep you balanced. You can learn more about these ranges and other important poker concepts in our comprehensive strategy section.


10. You Can Study Your Poker Hand Histories

One of the best ways of improving at poker is to look at previous hands you’ve played. This is almost impossible with live poker; at Ignition, you can download your complete hand histories once 24 hours have elapsed. Then you can use our special hand history viewer to replay your hands from beginning to end. This gives you the opportunity to study your play between sessions, while also protecting you from other players trying to use “tracking software” to figure out how to exploit you.

There are many more than just 10 reasons to play online poker at Ignition, with everything from the special in-game features like the Rabbit Cam to the can’t-miss tournament festivals like the annual Golden Spade Poker Open. If you haven’t had the chance to see it for yourself, download the Ignition Poker client here (or log in directly to the web app on your mobile) and try some Play Money games for free; then switch to real money poker anytime you’re ready. Don’t get left out, play poker on your terms at Ignition. We’ll see you on the felt.