Online competition is riddled with predatory poker players using heads-up displays (HUDs) to break you down before the flop.

Ignition Poker’s Anonymous Tables eliminates that threat, letting you play the way you want – HUD-free. The way poker is meant to be played.

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Why You Shouldn't Play on Sites that have HUDs

  • HUDs know your entire history - Every hand you've ever played.
  • HUDs track your tendencies - Opponents can exploit your play.
  • HUDs can anticipate your move before you make it - Users gain a huge, unfair advantage.
  • HUDs slow your growth as a Poker player - Your winning plays turn into losing ones.

The Benefits of Anonymous Tables

  • Improves your skills for live poker - Recreate the live experience online.
  • Levels the playing field - No one knows the playing patterns of their opponents.
  • Take control of your game - Opponents will have no information on how you play.
  • Avoid the Poker "HUD" arms race - Don't worry about opponents using expensive software to beat you.


Anonymous Tables – Keeping the Sharks Out

Not long after people started playing online Poker 20 years ago, the first poker tracking programs were invented. Since their inception, more and more predatory players have used and mastered HUDs to be able to take advantage and expoloit unsuspecting players. 

Ignition Poker’s Anonymous Tables takes the teeth (aka HUDs) away from online Poker “sharks”.

Anonymous Tables render your opponents clueless about who you are and how you want to play. It evens out the playing field at the start of every new game – just like a live casino where nobody knows your name.

While HUDs force you and your opponents to play like a robot, HUD-free poker tables give you the freedom to play the game however you want without fear of your positive tendencies being tracked or exploited. 

Your opponents can’t play on cruise control, steer your Poker play … your way.

Anonymous Tables are for players looking to really put their poker skills to the test, not give the edge to player with the best HUD money can buy.


Anonymous Table Strategy - Show Off Your Skills

When it comes to poker strategy, people tend to use one of two styles: exploitative, or optimal. The first style is when you respond to your opponents and try to take advantage of their mistakes – this is the style preferred by people who use HUDs to analyze every aspect of their opponent’s plays and tendencies. The second style is a bit more difficult to master; it looks at the mathematical ratios between bet size and pot size, considers the strength of the possible hands you and your opponents are holding based on the moves you’ve made, and tries to make the “right” plays to avoid getting exploited by other players.

Optimal poker (aka Game-Theory Optimal, or GTO for short) may seem ideal when you don’t have any information on your opponent – and therefore ideal for incognito poker. However, the best poker players in the world are actually using a blend of these two styles. And when you play Anonymous cash games at Ignition, you still have the opportunity to pay attention to your opponents and try to exploit them. If you notice a player at your table is opening too many hands, you can still fight back by raising and/or calling more often. And remember, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

Need more convincing? Give Anonymous Tables at Ignition a try and experience online poker the way it’s supposed to be played. You can start by playing for low stakes or even at the Play Money tables. It won’t take long for you to see the benefits – and once you’ve tried anonymous poker, you'll never go back.

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