This is a very special time at Ignition Poker. The 2017 Super Millions Poker Open is underway, wrapping up with the big $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event on August 13. This is easily one of the most important major tournaments in online poker, and there are two ways you can enter: Buy in directly for $450, or win your seat for less by playing one of the many qualifiers running at Ignition. If you successfully “satellite” your way in using the latter method, you’ll be given a Tournament Ticket that you can use to enter the Main Event.

Either way of getting in is fine, but if you happen to be working with a smaller bankroll, the qualifiers will be a better choice for you. It’s always important to keep your roll divided into smaller units and avoid risking more than a certain amount of units at once. How many units will depend on how many people are playing and how big of an edge you think you have over the competition. Having said that, many of our high-rollers will also try to “satty” their way into the Main Event rather than pay up front. It’s all about risk and reward.

That’s the Ticket

If you’re not familiar with using Tournament Tickets at Ignition Poker, these vouchers act as a form of currency that you can use only for entering tournaments – no cash games, and no redeemable cash value, either. You can collect Tournament Tickets by winning a qualifier, or by converting some of your Poker Points. Most of your tickets will be for specific events like the Main, but you can also collect generic Tournament Tickets that can be used for any event at the specified buy-in, like “Any $10+$1” and “Any $20+$2.”

There are two different ways you can view your accumulated Tournament Tickets in the Ignition Poker software: in the Main Poker Lobby, listed under your Playable Balance, and by checking My Poker when you use the Account Button. You should find one of the following four status levels posted for your tickets:

- Unused: Tickets that are still eligible to be used for entering a tournament.
- Redeemed: Tickets that have already been used to enter, but the tournament hasn’t started yet.
- Used: Tickets that have been used to enter tournaments that are now underway or complete.
- Expired: Tickets that were not used and are no longer active.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to look at your Tournament Tickets to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of them. If a ticket is about to expire, use it now to enter an eligible tournament that’s running later on – don’t let it disappear just because you don’t have the time to play right now. Remember: A Tournament Ticket is a terrible thing to waste.